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The beautiful thing about breathwork is that it can be done anywhere. If you have a venue or an event in mind that you would like to offer my guided Conscious Connected Breathwork experience, I would love to connect. I am deeply inspired and motivated to bring the healing and power of breath to so many. It is such needed gift and tool we can use in life and I feel so privileged to be able to teach and guide. 

Personally when I am looking into booking other facilitators, events, venues - I appreciate having all the details and fees readily available. Below you will find all the in's and out's of having myself as a host at your venue or event. I really want to make sure you know what to expect and have the necessary information you need up front to start planning your special event. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to reach out. 

what to expect

We will work together leading up to your event to ensure your session will look and feel how you would like it to be received. You are able to request a theme or intention, we can plan one together, or I can suggest some options.

I will arrive at your location approximately 30-45 minutes prior to start time. 

I will provide my own sound equipment for small spaces. Larger facilities I will require audio system access with bluetooth capabilities or arrangements can be made to rent necessary equipment - this will be reflected in the booking fee. 

Prior to the event I will provide information about the breathwork session and a 'how to prepare' for your guests. I can also email the King of Wands Wellness logo if needed for your media graphics. More about breathwork and myself can be found on my website - please feel free to use the information. 

Your guests will be required to bring a yoga mat, blanket, and pillow or any other supports they feel needed to ensure they are able to lay on the floor during the session. For a rental fee, I do offer up to 10 bundled sets of Halfmoon Canadian brand gear which includes a sanitized yoga mat and freshly laundered knee and neck support bolsters and a blanket. This includes the set up and take down of individual place settings (will need earlier arrival time/take down time access to facility). 

A waiver form will need to be signed upon guest arrival. The welcome, breathwork session, and closing will be about an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes. I would recommend setting aside at least 2 hours for the session start to finish to allow people to arrive, settle in, and leave feeling grounded. I do offer longer sessions if you wish. 

If you are wanting to deepen the experience with ritual, for a fee, I can also include group tarot read, individual affirmation card pulls, smoke or energy clearing, or guided journaling. 

Important Notes:
When planning your event and deciding the number of guests - there will need to be enough room to comfortably space out yoga mats and have room for myself to walk in between the mats and sit with a guest they require assistance.
I have a locked door policy at event start time. Please ensure this is very well communicated with your guests. If they are late, they will be unable to attend the event. 
If you are wanting a smoke cleanse, please be sure it is possible without triggering any fire alarm systems. 

your investment

My rate for a session described to the left is a $150.00 flat fee for a maximum of 10 guests. This includes travel within 50 km from Fort Macleod, Alberta. It will be additional $15/person beyond 10 guests. A $75.00 non refundable payment will need to be made to ensure booking. 

Additional travel outside the 50 km radius will be $0.61/km which is based on per-kilometre rates that the CRA considers reasonable in 2022. Hotel accommodations will need to be provided for as well for travel beyond 200 km from Fort Macleod, Alberta. 

Fee is open to discussion and negotiation depending on event.

Add On Time - If you are wanting a more intense, longer breathwork session the rate will increase by $50 flat fee per 30 additional minutes. We can go deeper into intensity, titration techniques, bring in guided self touch, or gentle movement.  

Ritual Enhancements - each service listed to the left in the description will be a flat fee of $10.00. 

Halfmoon Yoga Gear Bundle Rental is $20.00/person. There are 10 bundles available to book. 

I am very open to ideas and collaborating outside of this suggestion - if there is anything more you are looking for or just want to chat about a vision you have, please feel free to reach out. 

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