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Pre-Order - Locally sourced, pure 100% beeswax candle. 


Quality 100% beeswax tealights for all occasion use! Each hand-poured beeswax tealight comes in a sturdy, premium plastic container. 100% cotton wicks for an all-natural tealight candle.

***Please note: Wax colour is dependent upon seasonal availability. Wax may be yellow to pale yellow in colour.


These beeswax tealights burn both longer and cleaner than standard paraffin wax candles. Like all pure beeswax candles, they release negative ions into the air when they burn, removing allergens and pollutants. These beeswax tealights include only premium, hand-poured, and minimally hand-filtered beeswax.

The beeswax tealights come with a clear plastic base which allows their bright, natural glow to shine through, wherever you choose to use them. They pair perfectly with our 100% beeswax melts in a wax melter.


Why beeswax tealights?
Every little bit helps when it comes to chemicals and your body. That’s why I now use 100% beeswax tealights instead of standard tealights. Instead of putting harmful chemicals into the air, beeswax tealights, along with other natural beeswax candles, actually help to purify the air. Beeswax also burns cleaner than paraffin wax candles. This means less waste, as the candles burn down with very little wax left. And, as long as you don’t let the wick smolder after blowing it out, beeswax candles release very little carbon (smoke) while burning. This makes beeswax tealights (and all beeswax candles) excellent for asthma sufferers and the environment.


How do beeswax tealights help to purify the air?
Positive ions are everywhere today. They come from natural causes, such as humidity, electrical storms, and also many man-made causes, such as pollution. Many household staples and appliances, such as computers, fibers in carpets and furniture, hairdryers, fluorescent lighting, printers, photocopiers, and electrical equipment all release positive ions. Unfortunately, these positive ions are attracted to pollutants like allergens, pet dander, dust, smoke, viruses, and mold. Some studies have shown they may even contribute to such conditions as depression, fatigue, and asthma. Positive ions are in much higher concentrations indoors and in cities. Outdoors and in rural areas, negative ions are usually abundant.


When beeswax is pure and high-grade, it releases negative ions when it burns – it’s a natural negative ionizer. The negative ions that are released when your tealight burns will bind to positive ions in the air. This makes the ions heavier so that they sink to the ground. Negative ionizers clean your air by removing the airborne pollutants, such as allergens and mold (and the more extensive list above), and may even help to eliminate certain airborne viruses in hospitals. Negative ionizers, like beeswax candles, may even help treat conditions such as depression.

Beeswax Tealights

  • This is a final sale. 

  • Our 50 packs are packed in a bulk plastic bag.

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