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Pre-Order - Locally sourced, pure 100% beeswax candle. 


Our beeswax votives are 100% pure beeswax (with pure essential oils in our scented varieties). Wick is 100% natural cotton and dipped in beeswax. Pure beeswax burns longer and cleaner than paraffin or even soy candles. No need for added scent, although the delicate scent of high-quality essential oils compliments the beeswax perfectly. The natural, sweet smell of pure beeswax is a warm and welcoming aroma.


We make our hand-poured beeswax votives right here at home, so we know exactly what goes into them – pure, minimally-filtered beeswax and only the best natural essential oils.


How To Burn Pure Beeswax Votives

Like all votive candles, these pure beeswax votives burn best in a standard votive holder or container. Trim the wick to 1/4″ before burning if necessary.


Why is there a white film on my beeswax votive candles?

Real beeswax candles will develop a white film on the surface. This can be more pronounced in cold temperatures. The film can easily be rubbed or buffed away with your fingers or a warm cloth.

Beeswax Votive

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